Report Background

Articles, papers and reviews about the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain will be placed here as they become available. You are welcome to send us a paper of your own if you would like to. At present the papers here are:

The Irish Community in Britain - diversity, disadvantage and discrimination
by Bronwen Walter, Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge.

A substantial description of the Irish community, written and compiled for the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain and containing information on demography, patterns of settlement, economic situation, health and housing, and a discussion of Irish ethnicity and identity. Many statistical tables.

Racism, Police and the Courts in Scotland by Elinor Kelly, University of Glasgow. A substantial description and discussion of how the police and the courts in Scotland have dealt with racist crime over the years. First published in Scottish Affairs.

The Police and Race Relations - a consultative paper commissioned from Professor Simon Holdaway, University of Sheffield.

Stories and Policies - implications of the report for officers in local and regional government, an article by Robin Richardson first published in Public Finance, 13 October 2000.

Multi-Ethnic Scotland - race, religion and language, by Elinor Kelly: an account of the Commission's visit to Scotland, and of points arising.

Reflections by Commissioners: several members of the Commission recall their impressions and say what is particularly important for them in the final report.

Ranimed, Runnymede and a Long Report, by Robin Richardson: how and why the Commission was created, and difficulties it encountered.

An interview with Bhikhu Parekh, The Guardian, Saturday 7 October 2000. Can be read online at

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