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Civil Society Report to United Nations CERD

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Runnymede Trust
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A joint civil society response was prepared for the last examination in 2011 by the Runnymede Trust. The government's commitment to race equality came under scrutiny by the Committee who examined what actions the government was undertaking to challenge racism and promote race equality.

Having held a series of consultation meetings across the UK, we worked collaboratively with a group of other UK based race equality organisations and submitted a report to the Committee on the state of race equality in the UK. We went to Geneva to present this report to make sure the UN focussed on the most pressing issues during the Government's examination, which took place on 23 and 24 August 2011.

On Friday 2 September, the UN published its recommendations on the action the UK government should take to promote race equality.The dates of CERD’s examination of the UK Government were Tuesday 23rd August and Wednesday 24th August 2011. The UK Government’s 18th and 19th periodic reports on the measures it has taken to give effect to the convention's objectives to eliminate racial discrimination were submitted in February 2010, and CERD examined this report in August 2011.

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