Runnymede Trust

We produce the evidence to challenge structural racism in Britain


We generate research to challenge racial inequality in Britain.

About us

For more than 50 years, we have worked tirelessly for racial justice in Britain

Proudly independent, we speak truth to power on race and racism without fear or favour. We are not swayed by political agenda, profit or popular opinion. We are authentic, led by an ethnically diverse team we draw from our lived experience and that of our wide and inclusive community and partnership networks.

From broadening the curriculum to exposing the Windrush scandal, our work is rooted in challenging structural racism and its impact on our communities. Our authoritative research-based interventions equip decision makers, practitioners and citizens with the knowledge and tools to deliver genuine progress towards racial justice in Britain.


We produce reliable and impartial evidence on structural racism in the UK, which is used to dismantle barriers to opportunity and racial justice, across society.


We believe in working collaboratively with grassroots organisations, policy makers, academics, thought leaders, businesses and our public services to effectively challenge racial injustice.


We create educational assets, policy briefings and public engagement pieces to provide the tools with which to challenge racial injustice.


We use the evidence we generate to inform decision makers and the wider public of how we can dismantle structural barriers and build a Britain in which we can all enjoy equal opportunities.

Our History

For more than 50 years, we have worked tirelessly for racial justice in Britain

Founded in the year of Martin Luther King’s assassination and Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, we take our name from the field of Runnymede, the site at which the Magna Carta was sealed over 800 years ago. Under the Magna Carta, human rights and equality were granted official legal protection in Britain for the first time.


The Runnymede Trust was founded by Jim Rose and Anthony Lester.


Heavily influenced by us, the Race Relations Act made it illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race for the first time.


We founded the first All-Party Parliamentary Group on Race Relations.


Our Commission on British Muslims first brought the concept of Islamophobia into the mainstream.


Our Commission on the Future of a Multi-Ethnic Britain published the landmark Parekh Report.


The Runnymede Trust played a pivotal role in bringing the horrors of the Windrush Scandal to light.


The Runnymede Trust won a ruling over Government public appointments made during the pandemic.