The School Report

Written by:
Claire Alexander, Debbie Weekes-Bernard and Jason Arday
Read time:
30 mins

This publication is part of the Runnymede Perspectives series, the aim of which is to foment free and exploratory thinking on race, ethnicity and equality. Academics from a range of institutions contributed to the writing of this report, covering diverse issues within the intersection of race and education.

This collection raises important questions about the way that discourses about educational success both work to exclude and marginalise some pupils, while simultaneously (but often only temporarily) privileging others. It also insists, furthermore, that educational success for minority ethnic groups also needs to address broader issues – for example, cultural capital, role modelling and the transition from school to university or work – that affect not just children themselves, but broader minority ethnic families and communities, and our vision for a more inclusive and fairer society.

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