Events and responses 2000-2001:

The report was welcomed on the day of its publication, 11 October 2000, by the Home Secretary and by Baroness Amos on the following day. Overall, the response was positive and thoughtful from the House of Lords, who debated the report on 19 July 2001.

While the report received positive and thoughtful coverage in several newspapers, several newspapers grossly misrepresented the report.

Many local government journals such as the Public Finance, Local Government Chronicle, and Equal Opportunities Review considered the report upon its release.

The education sector also responded positively with the report being featured at several conferences for head teachers and education officers. In addition, there were training events in individual schools.

The report has also been included in academic treatments, reading lists for both graduate and undergraduate work, and academic articles and conferences.

Various organisations have covered the report since its release-some of these are: Association of Muslim Social Scientist, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, Royal Festival Hall, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Demos, National Union of Journalists, Queen Mary and Westfield College University of London, Institute of Education, and the Society of Education Officers.

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