Webinar: The Genius of Australian Multiculturalism

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On 15 April 2011, Jamie Fox, First Assistant Secretary for Citizenship, Settlement and Multicultural Affairs was joined by Runnymede Director Rob Berkeley for a 45 minute webinar on the Genius of Australian Multiculturalism, after a seminar in Runnymede's offices.

At a time when many in Europe are declaring that multiculturalism is dead, the Australian government has just launched a new multiculturalism policy. Runnymede wanted to learn from Jamie whether Europe has anything to learn from what their immigration minister, Chris Bowen, refers to as the 'Genius of Australian Multiculturalism'? Also, in what ways is the Austrailian government differentiating itself from the current European debate?

For the synposis of the work of Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship, click here.

To access the People of Australia, Australia's Multicultural Policy booklet, launched in February 2011, click here.

To view a slide show of Jamie's presentation, click here.

To access an archived recording of the webinar, click here and sign in using 'Guest'.  If you having difficulties viewing the recording, please ensure that your system is up to date. Please note that the first 10 minutes of the recording has been omitted due to technical difficulties.

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