Please see our ongoing work on the Convention on the Elimination for Racial Discrimination (CERD), under which the UK government was examined in Geneva in August 2016.

Click here to read the NGO report to CERD.

Europe has always constituted a focus of Runnymede's work. Since its inception, Runnymede has taken great interest in what was happening beyond our borders in the field of race equality and anti-discrimination, and has always believed in the importance of learning from our neighbours.

We are an active member of UKREN, and support its important work in ensuring that local and national UK organisations are kept informed of the latest European developments in policy, legislation and current affairs in the fields of anti-racism, anti-discrimination, equality, social inclusion, migration, human rights, and religion.

Our European work has included examining immigration laws, looking at the experience of older black and minority ethnic communities living in Europe; conducting research on the attitudes of young people in the UK towards the European Union and European identity, and engaging further with young people in different European cities to look at their feelings around belonging.

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