Citizenship is not a ‘privilege’ – the Borders Bill clause is a threat to ethnic minority Britons

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Big Issue
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Earlier this month, a new clause was snuck into the government’s Nationality and Borders Bill, which would grant the power to deprive a person’s citizenship without them even being told.

In defence of this clause, the Home Office chillingly responded that “citizenship is a privilege, not a right”, reinforcing the idea that ministerial discretion can decide whether or not you belong in the UK.

The enhanced deprivation powers laid out in the Nationality and Borders Bill send a signal from the government to its citizens: if you have links to other countries then don’t take your citizenship for granted.

We should see this as a threat to everyone, but particularly to Black and ethnic minority citizens in this country who already have to fight to belong.

Read the full article with the Big Issue here.

Alba is senior policy officer at the Runnymede Trust.

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