School Exclusions

Runnymede produced this film on behalf of the Office of the Children's Commissioner as part of the second year of the Children's Commissioners Inquiry into school exclusions. Working with a group of 18 children and young people who formed a School Exclusions Advisory Group, Runnymede facilitated discussions, led workshops and assisted the Group in advising the Children's Commissioners work which explored both Inequalities in Exclusion (you can access this report by clicking here) and Illegal Exclusions (click here to read the report).

Both reports, launched in 2013, have noted that some pupil groups, namely boys, those from Black Caribbean or Gypsy, Roma or Traveller backgrounds and those with special educational needs (SEN), continue to be more likely to experience an exclusion than others and that illegal exclusions affect those more likely to be formally excluded, particularly those with SEN.

We asked the children in the Advisory Group to help us to make a film about their views on school exclusions. This film below is the end result and we would like to thank them all for their hard work on making a fantastic video.

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