Making Histories

Runnymede, in partnership with the Department of Sociology at LSE, University of Manchester, and the Department of South Asian history at the University of Cambridge, worked with young people in Leicester, Sheffield and Cardiff to stimulate their interest in social, community and family histories.

Young people were taught basic research skills and encouraged to research their own family and local history. The stories have been documented as podcasts, family trees and mini-documentaries and are all available on the Making Histories website.

The website is an exciting collection of fascinating family histories and migration stories. You can follow the different journeys to Britain from places like Europe, Africa, India, and the Caribbean.

There are many ways to view the stories on the website. The migration timeline provides a brief overview of the history of immigration to Britain. The migration map is an easy and interactive way to follow the stories. There are also individual community booklets, which provide more information about the history of the areas we worked in: Leicester, Sheffield and Cardiff.

We encourage teachers to use the website for Key Stage 3 and 4 in History, Religion, Citizenship and English. The stories will make others more aware of their own family journeys across borders and reflect on the patchwork of different local histories that make up 21st century Britain.

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