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Runnymede's projects and publication help build up a body of evidence on a wide range of areas that  address key race equality challenges for public policy and public debate. Below is a list of our most recent (since 2015) publications, while in the submenu you will find our work grouped by thematic or policy area. 

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Except where otherwise noted all our publications published after 1 January 2010 are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivative Licence.


Most recent publications

Overexposed and Under-protected: the Devastating Impact of Covid19 on Black and Ethnic Minority Communities (2020)

Beyond Banglatown: Continuity, change and new urban economies in Brick Lane (2020)

Taking Stock: Race Equality in Scotland (2020)

Immigration and the Lottery of Belonging in Britain (2020)

Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools (2020)

Ethnicity, Race and Inequality: State of the Nation (2020)

The Colour of Money: How racial inequalities obstruct a fair and resilient economy (2020)

Greenwich Race Equality Scorecard (2019)

Class, Race and Inequalities in Northern Towns (2019)

We Are Ghosts - Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice (2019) (full report)

We Are Ghosts - Race, Class and Institutional Prejudice (2019) (executive summary)

Teaching Migration, Belonging and Empire (2019)

Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report: 20 years on (2019)

Ethnic Minorities at the 2017 General Election (2019)

KIN Convening (joint publication with KIN) (2019)

Finding Common Cause: Building research collaborations between universities and Black and minority ethnic communities (2018)

Making The Case For Racial Equality (2018) 

Integration for All: Why Race Equality Matters (2018)

Barking and Dagenham Race Equality Scorecard (2018)

Addressing ethnic inequalities in the Greater Manchester labour market (2017)

Islamophobia: A challenge for us all (2017)

Racial prejudice in Britain today (2017)

Empowerment and confidence in the Equality Act 2010 (2017)

Have prisons become a dangerous place? (2017)

Intersecting inequalities: the impact of austerity on BME women in the UK (2017)

Reframing Racism: explaining ethnic inequalities in the UK labour market (2017)

Sutton Race Equality Scorecard (2017)

Croydon Race Equality Scorecard (2017)

Kingston Race Equality Scorecard (2017)

Minority report: race and class in post-Brexit Britain (2017)

PASAR briefing (2017)

Partition History Project (2017)

Visible minorities, invisible teachers (2017)

Ethnic inequalities briefings January 2017 - Manchester, Bristol, Barking & Dagenham

NGO Shadow Response to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (2016)

Ethnic inequalities in London (2016)

How far have we come: lessons from the 1965 race relations act (2015)

Budget 2015 briefing (2015)

This is Still About Us: why ethnic minorities see immigration differently (2015)

Diversity and democracy: race and the 2015 general election (2015)

Race and elections (2015) 

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