Statement from our Chair, Sir Clive Jones CBE, regarding the Charity Commission's concluding statement on the Runnymede Trust


Statement from our Chair, Sir Clive Jones CBE, regarding the Charity Commission's concluding statement on the Runnymede Trust

The Runnymede Trust is thankful for the earnest work of the Charity Commission of England and Wales. We are reassured that it has upheld the substance and independence of our work around race equity, and found no breach of its guidance as per our operations. This includes our response to the 2021 report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, and our participation in judicial review proceedings brought in the context of the word and spirit of the Equality Act 2010.

As the nation’s heartfelt outpouring after the recent European football final confirmed, the English people – and indeed the people of all four nations of the United Kingdom – understand that racism still exists and must be tackled in all its forms. Today’s feedback from the Charity Commission confirms our belief that the Runnymede Trust has an important and worthy role to play in supporting our country in our shared commitment to achieve racial equity, and to make the UK a truly inclusive and post-racial society.

The Runnymede Trust has met with every prime minister since Ted Heath in 1970. We look forward to continuing our relationship with parties across the political spectrum and with stakeholders across our communities – and to meeting with Boris Johnson when the opportunity presents itself. We would take this opportunity to reiterate our belief that the UK is the greatest nation in the world, not least in terms of equality and opportunity. But we cannot afford to leave anyone behind in terms of outcomes.

The Runnymede Trust’s commitment to equality in all its forms has been steadfast since 1968, and we will not waver. We will continue our endeavours with care and compassion, making room for all voices, and working to build bridges in those inevitable instances of disagreement. We would like to thank the countless people across the country who have supported our work, as well as our CEO and staff for their courage and dedication.

Our commitment to the cause of racial equity remains undimmed.

Sir Clive Jones CBE, Chairman

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