Race Matters

Everyday rights – when we feel unfairly treated

Nick’s story

Being stopped by the police when you haven’t done anything wrong can be a scary experience. Nick knows what it’s like to be targeted by the police because of the colour of his skin. It’s happened more than 30 times.

Stop and search can be a useful tool to fight crime, but the statistics show there are too many cases where people have been singled out for the wrong reasons.

Even though he is a police officer himself, Nick’s experiences of being stopped have made him feel intimidated and wary of the police while he’s going about his everyday life.

The overuse and misuse of stop and search powers is a human rights abuse that discriminates against certain people, and denies people their right to freedom of movement. Nick is using human rights to improve the practice of stop and search so people of different ethnicities are not unfairly targeted.

Human rights help to protect us in our everyday lives. They provide a safety net to make sure we are treated equally and fairly. Watch Nick tell his story of why human rights matter to all of us.

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