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Dementia affects nearly 25,000 people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in the UK. This video explores how we can make care reflect everybody's needs.

What can we do to tackle racism? Find out more about Runnymede's End Racism This Generation campaign and get involved!

Short film on the diversity of the UK's Muslim community to accompany The New Muslims report.

Short film to accompany the All Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community's report on minority ethnic female unemployment.

StopWatch have produced this short video laying out the details of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections and why you should be concerned about them.

This film on BME voting patterns highlights some of the issues raised by the The 2010 Ethnic Minority British Election Survey (EMBES).

Watch this video to find out about UKREN’s online resource pack Young, Muslim & Citizen

Black fatherhood is the focus of this 5-minute film, first shown at a Runnymede Platform event

Artist Jenny Williams makes a poetic expression of how she feels about her mixed-race background (amid the stacked boxes and publications in the Runnymede offices). Read the related publication Mixedness and the Arts



'What works with integrating new migrants?' is a report by Dr Zubaida Haque, published by Runnymede. In this 2-minute video Dr Haque explains why her research is important and how it will be of use the those working to integrate new migrants.

Does Talking About Race Fuel Racism?' On 7 November 2013 the End Racism This Generation campaign went to Wolverhampton to find out.

Short film on race and gender for End Racism This Generation, Runnymede Trust.

The Race Equality Scorecard project is an innovative way of collecting and monitoring data on racial inequalities. Here are the results for Kingston explained.

As part of the Generation 3.0 project, Runnymede organised a series of free lectures and panel debates on race on our cinema and television screens.

‘Does Sport Challenge or Promote Racism?’ This talk explores the complex dynamics of racism, national identity and belonging in Europe in the context of sport.

Two stellar teams of high-profile journalists and academics argued the motion: "Race is no longer a significant disadvantage in the UK" (3 mins)

This short promotional video outlines the work and aims of the UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN)

Muslims in Europe are the focus of the seminar captured in this short video.

Grime artist and teenage heartthrob Bashy takes the stage alongside acclaimed dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson in the Runnymede event captured in this 4-minute video.

One of Britain's most well-known filmmakers, Gurinder Chadha, looks back over her career in conversation with firebrand human rights campaigner and BFI governor, Shami Chakrabarti.