Race and Elections

Black and minority ethnic voters will help decide Britain's next Prime Minister, according to new Runnymede research.



Read more and download the Race and Elections report

History Lessons

Who gets included in the story?

Runnymede's History Lessons project looks at the importance of diversity in the teaching of history.

Download the Perspectives Paper: Teaching Diversity In and Through the National Curriculum

Download the teaching resource: Making British Histories

Race Card

Race Card in an online news and comment platform run by Runnymede that provides a space where a diverse set of voices can speak honestly about race.

It is produced by a mixture of journalists, bloggers, politicians and academics. Race Card equips you with analysis and data to tackle enduring racial inequality in the UK.

Visit Race Card from this link.

Aiming Higher

Black and minority ethnic (BME) young people are often told to pursue education and training to improve their job prospects.

Since the 1990s BME people have had higher participation rates in higher education, but this new Runnymede report, Aiming Higher, shows that BME student still have to do better than their white peers to make it into university. Read: Aiming Higher: Race, Inequality and Diversity in the Academy

Martin Luther King

Fifty years ago Martin Luther King Jr spoke in London at St Paul's Cathedral on his way to receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Runnymede is delighted to have supported an anniversary lecture on 4 December on how we can end racism today and work towards Martin Luther King's dream.

St Paul's have written up the event here, with Runnymede's Director putting it in current context here.

Ethnic inequalities

Runnymede has published a major report outlining inequalities between ethnic minorities and white British people for every local authority in England and Wales.

The research was produced by the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity at the University of Manchester and shows that differences in living standards for minorities and white British have remained persistent since 2000. Left alone, the problem will not solve itself.

Read the briefing or the full report. Data for any local authority is also available.


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Aiming Higher: Race & University


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Latest News

Increasing their party's appeal to ethnic minority voters could help decide whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband emerges as Prime Minister, according to our report Race and Elections released 20 April 2015.
Runnymede's Director, Dr Omar Khan, has been asked to sit alongside leading politicians on the Financial Inclusion Commission.
The Runnymede Trust has joined peer organisations in endorsing the Race Equality Matters' Election Statement.