Arts, Mixedness & Migration

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On 05 July 2011, The playwright Roy Williams OBE, the photographer Mark Sealy and the arts consultant Samina Zahir conducted a webinar at Runnymede’s offices.

At a time when debates around mixed race identity and migration both tend to generate significant heat but little light Runnymede wanted to talk to three people who’s work intersects with issues of race, art, identity and hybridity. The panelists discussed the importance of class, race and commerce in artistic production; the limitations of a static view of identity; and the need to abandon a biological conception of “race”.

The Panelists

Mark Sealy: Mark Sealy has a special interest in photography and its relationship to social change, identity politics and human rights. In his role as director of Autograph ABP he has initiated the production of well over 40 publications, produced exhibitions worldwide, residency projects and commissioned photographers globally.

Samina Zahir: Samina Zahir is a freelance arts / community consultant and Creative Producer who has been working in the arts, media and community sector for over fifteen years. Her work experience crosses individual & organisational development, event production/ management, education, community development, conference design, training & mentoring, artistic programming, project evaluation, community arts projects and research/ consultation in a range of fields.

Roy Williams: Roy Williams (OBE) is an award winning playwright Williams has many awards including the George Devine Award for Lift Off, the 2001 Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright for his play Clubland, the 2002 BAFTA Award for Best Schools Drama for Offside and 2004 South Bank Show Arts Council Decibel Award. Most recently his play Sucker Punch was nominated for the Evening Standard Award for Best New Play and the Olivier Award for Best New Play 2011.

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