Video ART Postcards

1. Memories eating me up
2. Masked
3. Freedom of movement?
4. Behind the mask
5. You can only imagine
6. The truth about Sugar
7. Connections!
8. Journey for freedom
9. Do you know the history?
10. Into the light
11. Conversation with Robert Milligan, businessman
12. Who built this?
13. Written in stone
14. Behind the windows
15. How ironic???
16. S.U.G.A.R
17. Freedom vs slavery
18. The shadowy life of a slave
19. Am I not human?
20. Suffering is not a life
21. Humanity and truth
22. The real price of tea
23. No title
24. Can we make a change?
25. Slavery abolished or established?
26. Freedom
27. Tea, sugar and slavery
28. Bitter sugar
29. Sugar’s bitter journey
30. Transatlantic Slave Trade
31. Nothing like freedom
32. Need for more freedom
33. No title

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