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Video ART Postcards - Slavery, Racism and Resistance: Lesson Plans for Citizenship, Key Stages 3 and 4.

Following the successful launch of the Teacher's Guide on Thursday 3 April at Channel 4, the pdf version is now available for free download.

The lesson plans contained in this Teacher's Guide have been devised by two experienced teachers and curriculum writers, Professor Chris Gaine and Cristina Bennett. All of the lesson plans  relate to the QCA Curriculum Guidelines for Citizenship, KS 3 and 4 and  address the majority of the suggested goals, including the key concepts of Democracy and Justice, Rights and Responsibilities and Identity and Diversity. It is intended that the Teacher's Guide be used alongside the website as each lesson plan uses one or more of the Video ART Postcards short films made by young people aged 14 to 19 during the summer of 2007.

All the lesson plans are detailed with step-by-step guidance and are all planned to last one hour. They are aimed at group responses, rather than personal ones. It is hoped that some lessons will inspire teachers and students to develop their own multimedia responses.

We want to encourage the circulation of our work as widely as possible. Users are therefore welcome to download, save or distribute this work electronically, without requesting written permission, so long as Runnymede and Manifesta are credited as the originators whenever this work is used, especially if outside a teaching environment. The copyright remains with the copywrite holders - © 2008 The Runnymede Trust / Manifesta.

We welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions, especially from teachers who have used the any of the lesson plans in their classrooms. Please email  info@runnymedetrust.org with your comments and suggestions.

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