Complementing Teachers

Our 1993 publication, Equality Assurance in Schools, became a useful teaching tool for over 20,000 practitioners. From 2000, Runnymede worked to update the book to take into consideration changes to education and race legislation. With a foreword from the Commission for Racial Equality and Prof. Lord Bhikhu Parekh, the new publication Complementing Teachers: A practical guide to promoting race equality in schools (April 2003) offers teachers helpful guidance to promoting race equality in schools. The publication includes a free CD-Rom with downloadable lesson plans and activities from across the curriculum.

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Complementing Teachers

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A Practical Guide to Promoting Race Equality in Schools

This report offers practical guidance on the promotion of race equality and cultural diversity within the classroom. Compiled by a working group of teachers and other educationists to support professionals in the implementation of changes to education and classroom practice brought about through the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000.
Includes CD-Rom with downloadable lesson plans and activities.

Complementing Teachers replaces our earlier publication Equality Assurance in Schools, which is no longer available.

ISBN 184085 9121 Feb 2003 - A4 160+ pages £30+VAT

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