Geography Lessons


The Geography lessons use a selection of Belonging films together with "The Contexts" section of this book, pages 47-62 - where teachers will find useful information, maps and images for each Belonging project location: Newham in London; Casal da Boba, in Amadora, close to Lisbon; and Paris 20th arrondissement.

Newham is one of the poorest and most diverse boroughs of London.

Casal da Boba is a neighbourhood located in Amadora, a city close to Lisbon. It is home to people whose families came from the Cape Verde Islands. They used to live in slums, but apartment flats with gas and electricity have now replaced the former improvised houses.

In the Teachers' Notes for Geography Lesson 3, the photograph dated 1996 shows the slums while the others have been taken in Casal da Boba, where they now live.

Paris 20th is one of the poorest districts within the walls of the city, near the ‘back-door' of Paris, a working class area where successive groups of immigrants have settled. Many social housing estates were built in the 1970s.

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