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Lesson 1 uses eight Belonging films and focuses on sound networking in cyberspace, identity and belonging.

Lessons 2 to 4 are constructed around the ‘Global Europe Magazine' briefing sheet. Learners are divided into teams of researchers and writers who work for a magazine called Global Europe - a popular online monthly magazine for young people aged 14 - 17, published by education and youth services.

The teams are commissioned to research and write an article for the next issue of Global Europe. The article will be another in the successful series called, The World in Our City. The subject of their research is the London Borough of Newham. It's recently had very bad publicity having been named, "Third Worst Place to Live in the UK," in a Channel 4 survey.

Learners in role as researchers will research their subject by watching a selection of the Belonging films, using the Context: Newham booklet and researching online information about Newham, including a document of extracts compiled from Channel 4's website "Best and Worst Places To Live" .

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