In My Footsteps

Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Runnymede partnered with Manifesta to produce a learning and creative project, In My Footsteps - an interaction between people and place, centred on heritage, identity, arts and culture. Further information can be found on Manifesta's website.


In My Footsteps engaged young and older participants in living heritage actions in the Whitechapel and Poplar areas in London’s East End: unearthing, highlighting, celebrating new, fresh ‘takes’ on heritage ? taking participants through particular journeys of discovery, and sharing them with wider audiences.

Working with museums (Tate, Museum of London – Docklands), local historians/heritage experts, community groups, creative facilitators and artists ? and using different art forms and digital media (e.g. photography, words/poetry, video, music) – mixed groups from a variety of ethnic backgrounds will engage in ‘neighbourhood curating’ activities. They will devise their own trails/walking tours, highlighting the diversity of experiences within a particular area, in regard to local heritage.

The trails are used as a means for participants to explore, re-visit and celebrate particular places, buildings, personalities, art works, events and tell stories about those localities, using narratives and illustrations. The creative process will centre on narrative and visual expression, and social history/heritage will be approached imaginatively, leading to fresh engagements with contemporary issues. The newly-created trails will be encapsulated in a mobile platform and web-based application ? as creative mapping ? to be shared with wider audiences.


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