Guardians of Race Equality

The report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain is a unique document in straddling the divide between moral and political consensus building and practical solutions for policy development.
The Commission made a number of recommendations which argued for better regulation of race equality issues. These recommendations were scattered liberally throughout the report, recognizing that different areas of the public services were starting from different places and that regulation needed to be proportionate to the impact that could be made by different services on race equality in the UK.

Three years on from the publication of the Commission's report, we focus in Guardians of Race Equality on the recommendations that were concerned with regulation in order to respond to some of the challenges felt by practitioners and regulators. This is especially germane in the light of the passing and implementation of the Race Relations Amendment Act (2000). The Act (RRAA) has meant that the lion's share of the regulation recommendations made in the report have been responded to positively.

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In this collection, the vision set out in the Commission's report is revisited in order to highlight its relevance for public authorities and other organizations in terms of regulation, to examine in this context a discussion of trust in and within public authorities, and to note some of the challenges posed by the regulation of race equality.
A range of contributors were asked to reflect on the theme of regulation from their perspectives as government ministers, practitioners, inspectors and inspected, from the statutory and voluntary sectors.

The research undertaken for Guardians of Race Equality was used in 2007 to inform our formal response to government's Framework for Fairness Green Paper.

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