Civil Renewal, Diversity and Social Capital

Runnymede's focus on civil renewal and social capital was closely related to the earlier work which we conducted on Community Cohesion and reflects the findings and recommendations of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain.

In January 2004 Runnymede published Civil Renewal, Diversity and Social Capital in a Multi-Ethnic Britain by David Faulkner as our first contribution on how the concepts of civil renewal and social capital could to contribute to a more successful multi-ethnic Britain.

An academic conference then followed to consider how exisiting research and understandings of civil renewal and social capital related to ethnic diversity. Speakers included Trevor Phillips, David Halpern and Professor Ben Fine. The proceedings of the conference, Social Capital, Civil Renewal and Ethnic Diversity were published in January 2005.

In September 2004 Runnymede published its Working Paper Civil Renewal For All: delivering civil renewal in a multi-ethnic Britain.

We further hosted a major conference (Cohesion, Diversity, Equality) in January 2005 to focus on efforts to deliver racial equality and foster community cohesion through supporting communities, promoting active citizenship, making public services responsive to all, and rejuvenating political engagement. At the conference, the Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, launched the government's strategy to increase race equality and community cohesion. Click here to read more about the conference.

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