Race Equality Scorecards

Greenwich Race Equality Scorecard, 2019

Barking and Dagenham Race Equality Scorecard, 2018

Croydon Race Equality Scorecard, 2017

Kingston Race Equality Scorecard, 2017

Sutton Race Equality Scorecard, 2017

In post-recession Britain, local authorities are facing severe cuts and official accountability structures are being scaled back. In this context, Black and minority ethnic (BME) communities are at risk of falling further behind the rest of society.

Runnymede's Race Equality Scorecard project is an innovative way of filling the accountability gap holding local authorities and other stakeholders, such as the police and NHS, to account for racial inequalities in their areas.

We are doing this by:

  • partnering with local race equality bodies in London: RAMFEL, Croydon BME Forum and Kingston Race and Equalities Council,

  • collecting and monitoring data on racial inequalities in 7 key areas, including employment, criminal justice, education and health,

  • creating a constructive dialogue with local authorities and other stakeholders with responsibility for the welfare of BME communities,

  • publishing a Scorecard assessing how local authorities and stakeholders are carrying out their responsibilities, in terms of working to narrow inequalities, and

  • producing a London ethnic inequality report focused on 4 key areas, education, health, employment and housing.

Since the initial pilots in 2013, the Scorecard project has also been delivered in Sutton, Barking and Dagenham, and has been refreshed in the three pilot boroughs over 2017-2018.

In 2018, Greenwich council commissioned and funded its own Race Equality Scorecard, which was published in November 2019. Read the report here.

In March 2016 we published a report titled 'Ethnic Inequalities in London: Capital for All' summarising ethnic inequalities as experienced across London as a whole, and within each of the capital's 32 boroughs. The report measured inequality across four indicators - education, employment, health and housing.

The Scorecard was initially funded by the Trust for London and piloted in 2013 in Croydon, Kingston and Redbridge. For each Borough we produced a report highlighting racial inequality and engaged local communities through film and visualisations. See the Race Equality Scorecards in:

Watch the Kingston visualisations and film and read the report
Watch the Redbridge visualisations and film and read the report
Watch the Croydon visualisations and read the report

The first Race Equality Scorecard was launched in Kingston on 8 March 2013. The Guardian published an article about the project.

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