Past participation and politics

Between 2013 and 2014 we ran a major national campaign, End Racism This Generation, which engaged the wider public on issues of race and racism. This showed the importance of thinking about 'politics and participation' outside of Westminster, and in less obviously political settings, and we continue to build on the insights of its evaluation report.

Runnymede has also published 'Platform' reports allowing senior political figures of all parties the opportunity to discuss race equality in a free and exploratory way.

Are we There Yet? Collection on Race and Conservatism was published with the Demos Progressive Conservatism project in October 2011.

Other past Runnymede Platform work has included a speech and video by David Lammy MP on black fatherhood. In addition, a series of publications were published by each party ahead of the 2010 election, available below.

Conservative MP Dominic Grieve's paper on Conservatism and Community Cohesion 

Liberal Democrat Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone MP on Race Equality and the Liberal Democrats

Former communities and local government minister Rt Hon John Denham MP wrote  Labour and Cohesive Communities


We were also commissioned to write a think-piece on Local Decision-Making for the Commission on Integation and Cohesion in 2007.


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