Electing Without Prejudice 2016

Runnymede signs up to election statement against racist language

The Runnymede Trust has joined peer organisations in endorsing the Race Equality Matters' 2016 Election Statement.

The agreement, entitled Electing Without Prejudice calls on party leaders to ensure that political debate in the run up to the forthcoming elections on 5 May are not allowed to descend into prejudice, with discriminatory language.

The aims of the joint statement are to achieve:

  • vigorous debate during the coming election campaigns around the issues facing Britain today
  • full participation by all involved - candidates, electors and the wider public
  • a secure and open atmosphere during election campaigns so that all electors feel able take part in debating the issues, challenging candidates and gaining a proper understanding of their different approaches and proposed solutions

You can download the full text here

Read the London Mayoral Electoral Conduct Statement

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