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How To Talk To Funders is a working conference which will bring together black and minority ethnic (BME) leaders, managers, founders, activists and project managers all across the UK, to spend a day with a range of funders such as Big Lottery, Power To Change, JRT, Paul Hamlyn, UKRI and Calouste Gulbenkian. 

Through a mix of keynote, panel and round table discussions, participants will have the opportunity to network with their peers and funders and their staff. And, through 1-2-1 surgeries, get direct feedback and guidance on their own project proposals. 

Your travel costs and any reasonable access/support costs that you need will be covered, and the conference will take place in either London or Birmingham on Monday 30th March. 

The whole day is intended to highlight the value and perspectives of BME-led projects and organisations. 



We are now seeking formal expressions of interest from those who would like to attend. If that is you, please email by Friday 31st January 2020 with the following information:- 

1)      Your contact details (address, email, phone, etc)

2)      Indicate which sector you are either working in or intending to work in: arts, media, heritage, academic, community, health and wellbeing, social and other civic. 

3)      Indicate your business model: charity, social enterprise, sole trader, business limited by guarantee, or for-profit enterprise. 

4)      A short outline of your project and/or organisation.

5)      List the funders you have applied to in the past. 

6)      Describe, in one or two sentences only, the proposal you are currently seeking funding for.    

There are 30 places available.

Send your information to

This is a joint project between the Runnymede Trust Common Cause Networks and the Big Lottery Community Fund.

N.B. Attendance at this event is limited to people who identify as black, Asian, from a minority-ethnic background or as a person of colour, and is intended to come within positive action as defined by s.158 Equality Act (2010).




Conversations About Race is a podcast series where Carol Sidney interviews a range of speakers in the Runnymede network, examining broader issues of race and racism, difference,`otherness', cultural heritage and cultural diversity. It is an attempt to examine the wider society and the context in which BME leaders are attempting to develop their ideas and projects. Each episode, uses a news story as a starting point and asks questions such as "What is Institutional Racism?" and "Are Black Lives Minimal Lives?".


In this latest episiode Carol Sidney continues the conversation on structural racism with Professor Robbie Shilliam, and still asks How Do We Talk About Structural Racism (part 2)?  In his academic work, Robbie strips away the colonial lens and uses fresh analyses to provide a more complete interpretation of history.  In this podcast, for instance, he takes us right back to the original 1600s meaning of the workd `race'. For further reference, see his book, Race and the Undeserving Poor.


Past Episodes:

Episode one takes, as its starting point, the controversy which engulfed the New York, Whitney Biennial in June 2017, in which a white painter, as an intended act of solidarity, depicted the tortured and mutilated remains of Emmett Till. Carol Sidney, in conversation with Runnymede Associate, Dr Malachi McIntosh, asks if the reading of this controversy is an example of cultural appropriation or racial essentialism?

Episode two In August 2017, angry about the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville USA, Munroe Bergdorf used the term "all white people".  Carol Sidney is in conversation with Runnymede Associate David Bryan, management consultant at Xtend UK Ltd, and asks How Do We Talk About Structural Racism?

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