Participation and politics

Improving the lives of ethnic minorities in Britain requires research on and engagement in politics, and Runnymede has produced a range of reports, policy responses and parliamentary briefings over the past few years.

Runnymede joined a number of peer organisations in supporting the 'Electing Without Prejudice' document prepared by Race Equality Matters for the elections across the UK on 5 May 2016 and reproduced for the 2017 General Election. We called for everyone to sign up to this code of practice, to support free speech, hard facts and real debate, and not to sow mistrust, misunderstanding or encourage prejudice. Read more.

In December 2015 we launched our report on the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Race Relations Act.

Our briefing on the 2015 General Election results is Diversity and Democracy: Race and the 2015 General Election and was first published on the Race Card blog. This updates our April 2015 publication Race and Elections, which suggested BME voters could hold the keys to Downing Street. We have produced a briefing and film on ethnic minority voting behaviour based on the 2010 EMBES study, and are also a partner of, summarising the best evidence on ethnic minority political behaviour and attitudes in Britain.

Participation isn't only about political parties and formal political institutions. Runnymede has focused on ensuring that civil society organisations and individual citizens can hold goverment to account, both by working together, and by ensuring the 'data' and 'transparency' agendas focus on race equality. One such project, Race Equality Scorecard, was highly commended by Business in the Community. In 2013-14 we also ran a major campaign, End Racism This Generation.

Runnymede currently acts as secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community. We believe that an active APPG is essential in providing parliamentarians access to top-level discussion on race equality.

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