Video testimonies

Islamophobia: More than just a word

Watch video testimonies to support our report Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all.

The report's principal author Farah Elahi describes what you can expect from its contents: "Current discussions around Islamophobia present it as just critiquing a set of ideas... which prevents muslims or those perceived to be muslim from being able to challenge this form of racism as a very real thing." 


Jasvir: "I have been subjected to Islamophobia and I'm a Sikh."


Samayya: "We were approached by a man... he started shouting racist and islamophobic slurs... and said 'do you want me to show you my stanley knife?' "


Ismael: "When I told my colleagues that I converted to Islam... their attitudes changed towards me."


Runnymede Director and co-author of the report Dr Omar Khan: "Islamophobia affects people in the labour market, in poverty rates and in their exclusion from our political and cultural institutions."

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