Equality and Integration

Runnymede has long argued that racial equality must be an intrinsic part of any integration or cohesion strategies.

As the Government launches its Green Paper on Integration, Runnymede publishes a briefing Integration for All: Why Race Equality Matters, highlighting the evidence on integration, and suggesting a series of recommendations from English language to labour market inequalities to political participation. Read our 2016 response to the initial Casey review.

We also wrote an evaluation of training on the Equality Act in 2017.

Our 2015 report on race and immigration, 'This Is Still About Us', shows why this approach remains relevant, addressing ethnic minority attitudes to the European Union in advance of the referendum, among other evidence.

Over the years we have also investigated the particular experiences of different ethnic groups, most recently in 'Young Chinese Migrants in London' and previously in a number of Community Studies.

Our work focuses on understanding and advocating policies to respond to racial inequalities. In Local Ethnic Inequalities, produced in conjunction with the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity at the University of Manchester, we outlined inequalities in education, employment, housing and health for every local authority in England and Wales, and continue to investigate these data to understand the nature of ethnic inequalities, and how we can respond to them.

A briefing, Drifting Upwards or Sliding Back, outlines the key findings. The University of Manchester has further produced a profiler allowing you to explore the data in greater depth, including for wherever you live, and how outcomes have changed in the last decade.

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