Past employment

Our previous employment work has included outlining the evidence on as well as developing practical measures to respond to the experience of Black and minority ethnic people in the labour market.

Among these have included our publications on the 'White Working Class' and on positive action or 'Preferential Policies'.

We also have extensive experience in addressing and evaluating 'diversity policies' in the workplace, most recently in our report 'Snowy Peaks'.

Between 2000 and 2003 Runnymede initiated a debate on the transnational aspects of racism and xenophobia across Europe to help employers re-energise their policies and practices and explore appropriate models to combat discrimination and embrace diversity in the workplace. Our three publications during this period were based on primary research, and offered recommendations for closing the gulf between real employee experience and company policy on equality and diversity. 

The first report was Moving on Up? Race Equality and the Corporate Agenda: A Study of FTSE 100 Companies.

Widening the Talent Pool - Race Equality in FTSE 100 Companies, highlighted the need for innovative and creative strategies to progress race equality in the corporate climate.

In Divided by the Same Language?: Equal Opportunities and Diversity Translated we focussed on the key role middle managers play in ensuring that equal opportunity and diversity policies are implemented successfully.

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