Class, Race and Inequality in Northern Towns

The Runnymede Trust and The Commission on Diversity In the North (University of Leeds)’s policy briefing Class, Race and Inequality in Northern Towns (August 2019), highlights the growing racial and ethnic diversity in towns and cities in the north of England, and calls for racial inequalities to be tackled as part of any inclusive economic growth agendas for the North. 

The briefing highlights that in political and media narratives the conception of ‘working-class’ is often ‘white and northern’, and therefore ignores significant ethnic minority working class communities that have been a feature of many Northern towns and cities since post-war migration. This is particularly true of media coverage and political debates focused on Brexit. 

The briefing also analyses racial inequalities in Northern towns and cities across education, home ownership and public sector employment, and also highlights race hate crime data in the North.

Read and download the briefing here

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