Facing Financial Futures

As the UK population ages, we need to keep in mind that the numbers of ethnic minority older people is set to rise rapidly. Runnymede brought together 50 people to discuss and debate the challenges to a decent retirement. Facing Financial Futures: Birmingham 2012, made by Feedback Films, highlights these concerns, including

  • feeling that pensions are meagre and that people cannot afford to heat their homes,
  • feeling that people are not fairly repaid for the contributions made throughout their working lives,
  • resentment at having to work for even longer, especially for those who are ill,
  • barriers to overseas retirement, such as frozen pensions abroad, and
  • concern for younger relatives struggling to find work and get by.

As policymakers plan how we can support our older population, we need to listen to, and address the needs of, older ethnic minorities.

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