The School Report: Race, Education & Inequality in Contemporary Britain

What is the state of schooling in Britain and its effects on BME children and young people?

Schools lie at the heart of the pursuit of a successful future for multi-ethnic Britain. Educational
experiences and outcomes impact an individual's life outcomes. With contributions from the UK's leading educationalists including David Gilborn, Heidi Mirza and Debbie Weekes-Bernard, tackling questions such as how did hate become honourable? What are fundamental British values and what are schools role in imparting these? What ramifications does the entrenched racial stereotyping and discrimination evident in schools have for BME communities? The School Report answers these and much more.

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We are grateful to all of the participations who have contributed to this publication, and extend particular thanks to the Arts and Humanities Council (AHRC) for their support both of this collection and the Runnymede Academic Forum which has made the Forum seminer series possible.

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