Past education work

Runnymede education projects have always sought to build a robust evidence base and identify ways of improving race equality and social cohesion in education policy and practice. We worked across age ranges and communities, and involved teachers, parents, governors, inspectors, and other stakeholders.

Two of our most significant pieces of research have been:

'School Choice and Ethnic Segregation' 

'Faith, Schools and Community Cohesion'

You can view earlier education publications here.


Work with young people

Many of our projects have focused on and directly involved young people. These have not always resulted in policy or research publications, but rather films, briefings, online resources and engagement. Click on the Young People submenu for more information.

Experiences of BME Teachers & Support Staff

In 2004 Runnymede developed a project to examined the experiences of teachers and other staff members from Black and minority ethnic communities in schools. A briefing paper is available here.

School Policies for Race Equality and Cultural Diversity

You can download a discussion paper issued jointly by the journal Multicultural Teaching and the Uniting Britain Trust which contains a draft school policy statement on race equality and cultural diversity, and notes towards a school action plan.

School Policies for Race Equality and Cultural Diversity (pdf).

Help us end racism

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