We Move - A Race Equality & Migrants Rights Summit

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We are living through turbulent times. Emerging from a global pandemic in which ethnic minority communities have disproportionately suffered, over half of ethnic minority children in Britain are currently living in poverty. 

We are also facing a legislative agenda which poses the most significant and sustained threat to ethnic minority people’s civil rights in recent memory.

Ongoing international conflicts mean there is a battle for hearts and minds over the extent to which we support those simply seeking safety. 

It is not just refugees and migrants that are on the front line, British Muslims continue to be demonised, Jewish communities report an all-time high for antisemitic hate crimes and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities remain ostracised and excluded from almost every section of society.

But it’s not all negative, the worldwide condemnation and trauma which greets such events have created an environment in which people  are more ready than ever to listen, learn and create lasting change.

The question we now face is: how do we come together to harness opportunities for change and move towards a better, fairer Britain?

We know first-hand that the answer can be found with community. We know that change begins with the people. 

This is why we are bringing together policymakers, corporations, academics, trade unionists, civil society groups, students and the general public, to explore how we harness opportunities for positive change, address threats and maintain the recent momentum for racial equality.

It is our intention that We Move, the race equality and migrants’ rights summit, will be educational, celebratory, respectful, purposefully diverse, action-orientated, inclusive and interactive.

We’ll be providing a variety of approximately 50 interactive sessions (including, world cafe, round table discussions, workshops, etc) as well as traditional themed presentations. There will also be an academic and practitioner poster wall, where we will encourage organisations and students to convey their work in a single poster.

While a summit of this type will inevitably explore the patterns of systemic disadvantage faced by communities across a comprehensive range of sectors (physical and mental health, education, employment, housing, criminal justice, environment, culture etc), it will primarily be:

  • Action orientated
  • A celebration, and
  • An opportunity to build and renew; what bell hooks would have referred to as 'our communities of resistance'

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The Summit is proud to be built alongside our valued partners: JCWI, Liberty and Manchester University’s Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity.

With our thanks to the University of Leeds for hosting

If you want to contribute content towards the Summit, help to subsidise spaces for attendees, bring a delegation from your organisation or area, or have any further questions, then please email for further details.

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