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Fairness in London ROTA event

21 November 2015

ROTA believes that racism and racial justice are growing problems of discrimination and inequality that blight the lives of millions of Londoners. We are convinced that the commission will need to focus on issues around discrimination as well as the distribution of wealth.

London is highly diverse and is on the cusp of a situation where there is no one overall majority ethnic group. As a higher proportion of BAME people are born in or migrate to the City relative to white English people, how we live together and reduce tension and discrimination between these diverse groups will be increasingly important in the years ahead. This means we have to confront issues about race and racism more openly than we have done before.

We live in a city where:

  • Young      black men are over 6 times more likely to stopped and searched
  • If      your name is not a standard English one you will have to submit more than      two times as many applications for a job even to get shortlisted
  • There      is an “ethnic penalty” in virtually every area of life including health,      education, employment, income, policing and criminal justice
  • BAME      people with higher qualifications earn less than their white counterparts      and are more likely to be unemployed

Any attempt to look at fairness in London must look at these issues of direct and indirect discrimination as well as those issues of how wealth is distributed.

We are therefore very pleased that the London Fairness Commission has agreed to work with ROTA to hold a major consultation event for London’s BAME communities to consider some of these issues on the 21st November, 10am-4pm at Coin Street Centre in SE1.

If you want to attend this meeting please register on the eventbrite page