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Anti-Jewish & Anti-Muslim Racisms and the Question of Palestine/Israel online paper series

16 September 2015

CMRB, the Runnymede Trust and the Centre for Palestine Studies, London Middle East Institute, SOAS are delighted to announce the publication of:

"Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Racisms and the Question of Palestine/Israel"
online paper series, edited by Nira Yuval-Davis and Jamie Hakim.

The series aims to to explore the multiple, complex and inter-related ways that anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim racisms are constructed in relation to the question of Palestine/Israel from within an anti-racist normative framework.

The first tranche of articles can be found at,
and includes:

Nira Yuval-Davis and Jamie Hakim, Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Racisms and the
Question of Palestine/Israel Series Introduction

Antony Lerman, The New Anti-Semitism

Hilary Aked, The Undeniable Overlap: Right-wing Zionism and Islamophobia

Helga Embacher and Jan Ryback, ‘Anti-Semitism in Muslim Communities and
Islamophobia in the Context of the Gaza War 2014: The Example of Austria and

Anabelle Sreberny, The Idea of Jewish Anti-Semitism and Recuperating the

Keith Kahn-Harris, The Interplay between Internal and External Factors in the
Stimulation of Intra-Jewish conflict over Israel and Antisemitism

Stefano Bellin, How Should We Speak About the Jews and the Palestinians?
Constructing a Non-Racist Space for Criticism

The series has been constructed as an open-ended forum for dialogue between
academics, activists and interested parties differently situated across the
globe. We will consider all submissions that explore any aspect of how
anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim racisms and the question of Palestine/Israel
intersect, from within an anti-racist normative framework. Please e-mail your
submission to

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