Forthcoming Events

Academic Forum Meeting: Race in Education

05 March 2015

The Academic Forum - a collection of leading academics that meet to discuss policy ideas on issues relating to race equality - will be hosting a open meeting at Birmingham University, focusing on race and education.

The event should be particularly relevant for those researching or teaching in race across the Social Sciences and the Arts and Humanities, and is hosted by the university's Centre for Research in Race and Education.

Presentations on the day include:

Professor David Gillborn (University of Birmingham): The Monsterization of Race Equality: how hate became honourable

Nadena Doherty (University of Keele): Black History Month and Black History with Key Stage 3 Students in England: A Critical Race Theory Approach

Robin Richardson (Insted): Narrative, nation and classrooms - the latest twists and turns in a perennial debate

Professor Hakim Adi (University of Chichester): Why is History such an unpopular subject for black students and teachers?

The seminar will explore the way narratives of Britishness that have permeated political discussions about policy and governance in schools have 'othered' particular groups within educational institutions, and what are both the new and persistent issues affecting the educational careers of minority ethnic children and the impact of these on their peers, parents and teachers.

We are keen to hear from those with an interest in these and related themes.

For more information or to RSVP email Debbie Weekes-Bernard