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Runnymede Refocuses on Research and Policy For a New Generation

15 April 2014

The Runnymede Trust, the UK's leading independent race equality think tank, is to re-focus on research based interventions in social policy and practice.

In a difficult climate for race equality generally, Runnymede's new Director Dr. Omar Khan and the Trustees have decided to concentrate on its historic strengths and aims; research and generating intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain.

"Fundraising for social justice causes is difficult in the present economic climate and we feel we should concentrate  our resources and the support we get from a range of trusts, foundations and individuals on our core strengths providing high quality research to assist policy makers, practitioners and every citizen in  the UK to reduce the risk of racism and discrimination in society," said Omar Khan

"To do this within our current resources has required a restructuring and, regretfully, the loss of skilled and committed staff"

Runnymede will continue to have a small focused team of researchers and policy analysts to provide effective evidence based interventions to ensure that policymakers, politicians and the wider public understand the continued reality of racial inequalities in Britain today.

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