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‘No Dogs, No Blacks' new findings show that minority ethnic groups are still discriminated against when trying to rent private housing

14 October 2013

Runnymede has released a new survey which has found that over a quarter of Black Caribbean, Black African and Pakistani participants have felt discriminated against when seeking a place to live. The survey results have been released alongside Runnymede's new national campaign ‘End Racism This Generation’ and a BBC investigative report on discrimination in the private rental market.

The results of the survey found:

  • Over a quarter of Black Caribbean (29%) respondents had been discriminated against when applying for private housing, in a climate of increased concern about homelessness and overcrowding.
  • Other visible ethnic groups experienced similar rates of discrimination in this environment. One in four Black African (28%) and Pakistani (27%) respondents felt discriminated against because of their ethnic background, nationality or religion when applying to private housing.
  • Only 1% of white British people surveyed reported experiencing discrimination when applying to private housing.
  • Despite continuing racial inequality, people are positive about eliminating racism this generation, with four out of five people surveyed stating that it would take between 20-50 years to eliminate racism.

Rob Berkeley, the Director of Runnymede said:

“It’s shocking that in 2013 outright racism is still stopping people from finding a home. Many people think that the days of landlords hanging ‘No Blacks’ outside their properties are long gone, but discrimination in the housing market clearly still exists.

Estate agents should be proactively ensuring that all of their clients, regardless of ethnic background, have equal access to their services. To address this ongoing problem, we hope that lettings agents will publically pledge to change their practices on the End Racism This Generation website and encourage others to do the same.”

End Racism This Generation calls on individuals, businesses and organisations to take specific actions within our own lives, workplaces and communities, to tackle racial inequality that still exists in the UK. It includes an online platform ( where people who want change can gather, learn, and create new networks for positive action. People and organisations will pledge an action they believe will contribute to ending racism in this generation. Their pledges will be mapped by area, which will allow individuals, organisations and businesses to see what is going on around them and pledge their support.  Runnymede will also be hosting events all around England and Wales to connect people together and spread the message.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from Ethnic Focus. Total sample size was 750 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between July-August 2013.  The survey was carried out on the phone. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

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