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APPG Inquiry on Race and Higher Education

26 July 2013

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Race and Community will be conducting an inquiry on Race and Higher Education.

Submissions of written evidence are invited addressing the following points:

  • The challenges and experiences of black and minority ethnic students and professional staff across the HE sector
  • To investigate the value of a university education to individuals from specific black and minority ethnic groups
  • To review black and minority ethnic applications and entrants across a number of further education institutions and universities
  • To identify any models of good practice that exist in addressing issues affecting black and minority ethnic students and staff across the HE sector
  • To determine whether further interventions are needed, an if so determine what these might be

The Inquiry is seeking to gain a broad understanding of the issues faced by black and minority ethnic students and staff in higher education and as such welcomes responses from a wide array of organisations and individuals.

The Inquiry is seeking written submissions of no more than 2,000 words from interested parties, before taking oral evidence.  Organisations and individuals wishing to make written submissions are invited to do so by 24 January 2014.  Each submission should include the name and postal address of the individual or organisation and state whether it has been prepared specifically for the inquiry.

Where submitted by an organisation rather than an individual, the submission should briefly explain the nature and membership of the organisation.

Oral evidence will be taken in Parliament, beginning in early 2014.

Submissions should be sent to Florence Nosegbe, APPG Race and Community Secretariat at or to c/o Runnymede Trust, Unit J209, The Biscuit Factory, London SE16 4DG.  If possible please supply an electronic version in MS Word by email.

For further details on submitting written evidence to a parliamentary inquiry please click here.

For additional information about the APPG Race and Community please click here.

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