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Young, Drifting and Black

24 June 2010

Young, Drifting and Black, a one day conference organised by Capital Men in partnership with Runnymede, is aimed at professionals across sectors working with black young people.

The conference, which includes a keynote address from London Mayor Boris Johnson, will examine the different ways in which defiant behaviour in the classroom and community can be prevented and will provide powerful insights to enable a shift from reaction to prevention.

The disproportionate number of black males involved in gangs and serious youth violence is an issue that is worrying and perplexing in equal measure. Collective insight into the roots of this trend reveal a complex inter-relationship between a number of different factors. Knowledge about solutions that work is growing and this conference is a platform for practitioners achieving results on both sides of the Atlantic.

Participants will discover how to shape resistance into a resource and explore how behaviour is affected by gender differences and cultural pressures.

Conference aims include:

  • Look at examples of best practice and what really works in reducing oppositional defiant behaviour
  • Explore the unique role schools play in the prevention agenda
  • Insights into effective engagement with boys, turning resistance into a resource
  • Examine the drivers of oppositional defiant behaviour and its connections with anti-social behaviour 'on the streets'
  • Identify the levers of change that enable a shift from reactive to preventative interventions, with special reference to an interdisciplinary approach involving schools
  • Explore how city wide prevention can be practically achieved by looking at examples of where this has worked
  • Highlight the unique contributions made by the voluntary sector in disrupting the formation and consolidation of gang culture

Book online now by clicking here or go to the Young, Drifting and Black webpage for the full details and conference programme.

Enquiries should be directed to Capital Men at or on 020 8519 0118

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