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Police and black people in London

New Scotland YardRacialism and racial prejudice were pervasive within the Metropolitan Police, and relations with young West Indians were 'disastrous', according to the Policy Studies Institute report, Police and People in London, published in November 1983.

The study was commissioned by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir David McNee, in 1979 and research was carried out between 1980 and 1982. The report concluded that the level of prejudice in the force was cause for serious concern, even though it had less effect on police behaviour than might have been expected. The police, it recommended, should make a major effort to stimulate explicit discussion and thinking about the 'ethnic dimension' at all levels. In addition, specialist officers should be appointed along the lines of the race relations advisers employed by many local authorities.

The report also recommended a change in the style of management within the force. It suggested that the current 'militay model' which was 'essentially authoritarian' should be replaced by a consultative style of management.

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