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10 January 1965
In 1965 The Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD) was created to recruit activists and campaign agaisnt racism and for race equality in Britain.
01 March 1968
The Commonwealth Immigration Act 1968 subjected all holders of UK passports to immigration controls unless they, their parents or a grandparent had been born, adopted or naturalised in the United Kingdom. The legislation was prompted by the thousands of Kenyan Asians arriving in the UK to flee political turmoil in Kenya.
20 April 1968
Enoch Powell MP delivered an infamous speech that became known as the 'rivers of blood' speech.
30 October 1968
The Runnymede Trust was established.
26 November 1968
The Race Relations Act 1968 was intended to strengthen the first Race Relations Act 1965, which had applied only to public places, such as hotels or cinemas.
09 April 1969
Wolverhampton Transport Committee dropped its ban on turbans and long beards after a lengthy battle with a local Sikh group.
01 May 1969
In May 1969, the Runnymede Trust published its first Race Relations Bulletin with the Institute of Race Relations.
15 June 1969
Runnymede Director, Dipak Nandy, considered the wisdom of including questions on ethnic origin in the next Census.
11 July 1969
Colour and Citizenship: A Report on British Race Relations, the first survey of race relations in Britain was published.
10 September 1969
Dipak Nandy commented on the judgement in the Race Relations Board's first prosecution under the Race Relations Act 1968.

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