Birmingham Speaks Out

We organised a series of workshops to collect ‘video testimonies’ from 70 recruited participants, young and old, representing the diversity of cultures present in Handsworth. Each participant was asked a series of questions to find out their views on racism and how to end it in a generation. You can watch edits of the the testimonials:

The Generation 3.0 trailer - A quick edit of some of our video testimonies.
Will it ever end?
- Participants’ thoughts on whether racism will ever end.
Racism - now & then
- Presents older and younger people’s stories and experiences of racism.
Can racism be solved?
- A short narrative on what people think can be done to get rid of racism.

Click on any of the pictures below to watch each testimonial in full.


Handsworth pop-up shop

We set up a pop-up shop in partnership with INHABIT at the Harriet Tubman Bookshop in Handsworth, Birmingham in January 2011. This five day event presented a video installation of all 70 video testimonies and created a space for communication and interactivity through a range of workshops. The pop-up shop was open to the public. Local schools, youth groups, community groups and community leaders visited our space over the course of five days. Watch this film to see who came to the race-equality pop-up shop and hear some of the discussions we had.

Why Handsworth

Handsworth witnessed major social unrest in 1985, 2005 and 2011. In July 1985, local youths were engaged in acts of looting and the burning of police cars. Violence broke out on a much larger scale two months later. As a result, four people died, forty-five buildings were burnt along the Lozells Road and damages were estimated at £2 million (at the value of the time). During the riots, tensions between the African Caribbean and the Asian communities escalated.

Birmingham is considered to be Britain’s second city and is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country. Unemployment is a chronic problem and there are high levels of social and economic disadvantage.