Project Resources

Generation 3.0 learning resource

Learning Resources coverEducational material and lesson plans – aimed at young people or older people – were produced, on the basis of the video testimonies produced in Handsworth. This resource can be used by teachers, youth workers, staff who work with older people’s groups and any other professionals who work with young people growing up in Britain. It is aimed at Key Stage 3 students (particularly the Religious Education and English curricula), young people aged 11-14 attending youth clubs, youth groups or projects run by voluntary sector organisations, and older people aged 55+ attending older people’s groups at community centres, luncheon clubs, etc.
Download the Generation 3.0 learning resource


Generation 3.0 films

Over the course of the three year project we produced several films.

The Research

As part of the Generation 3.0 video project, Runnymede researchers Kamaljeet Gill and Kjartan Sveinsson produced a report titled Passing the Baton exploring how racism and anti-racism have changed across the three generations that have grown up with mass migration to the UK. We hope this will show us ways to fight racism.

This research found that the stereotypes of apathetic and disengaged youth are wide of the mark. Young people we spoke to were active, engaged and impassioned. They had serious and often subtle things to say about how racism affects their lives and their life-chances. Download Passing the Baton

Project evaluation

We have produced an executive summary of the evaluation reports for this three year project. It will be of use to organisations considering undertaking a similar project. There are more detailed evaluation reports for each year of the project which are available on request by emailing