Our Partners

Over three years we worked with a range of organisations both national and local to deliver the Generation 3.0 project. Their support and expertise were invaluable. We would like to thank:


Equality and Human Rights Commission
Barrow Cadbury Trust


Media Trust
Punch Records
Black Cultural Archives
North West Film Archives
Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre
London South Bank University
Green Spring Training Centre
Welford Primary School
Holyhead School
Saint John’s Wall School
Oakland Youth centre
Handsworth Library
Nishkam Centre
Asian Women Centre
Handsworth Golden Age Forum
Handsworth Library
Cannon's Methodist Church
Hybrid Consulting
Birmingham City Council
Artistic Souls
Art Come Unity
UK Birmingham Youth Parliament
Handsworth Golden Age Forum
Handsworth Neighbourhood Consultancy.


Natasha Boojihawon - Director, Union Street Media Arts
Joan Henderson - Community Librarian, Handsworth Library
Mukthar Dar
- Art Director, The DRUM
Vanley Burke
- Photograher
Anthony Alleye
- Chair, Perry Barr Senior Citizens Forum
Siobhan Harper-Nunes
- Business Development Manager, BRAP
Nathan Dennis
- First Class Youth/Engage
Jesse Gerald -
Senior Community & Partnership Officer, Birmingham City Council
Anita Harding
- Manager, Handsworth Association of Schools
Jimmi Nelson
- Voice of BME, Trafford
Anita Kaur -
Voice of BME, Trafford
Khan Moghul -
Manchester Race Relation Centre, Manchester University
Adele Coyne
-Trafford Council
Ameen Hadi
- Salford Council
Dan Silver
- One North West
Michelle Udogu -
Trinity House
Tricia Coleman
- Trinity House
Collette Williams
Tony Wright
- The Youth Village