Pop up in Manchester

The pop-up shop (6-10 October 2011) was the focal point for the activities in Manchester. The shop was located in Manchester Piccadilly station and the days were filled with specific educational activities aimed at schools, young and old people. Watch a short film below to find out what happened.

Clench – What are you fighting for?

The short film Clench – what are you fighting for? was launched on the first night of the Manchester pop-up shop. It is a 15 minute narrative piece exploring the issues of racism and intergenerational relationships through the sport of boxing.

We follow Ash, a young mixed race girl who is on a youth referral scheme as she travels to the iconic Salford Lads Club where she takes up boxing as dealing with her troubled past. Local actors were cast in the film. Written and directed by Riffat Ahmed, produced by Davey Inc Clench has won the Best Drama award at this year’s Limelight Film Awards.

Why Manchester

We chose to work in Manchester, specifically in Old Trafford and Salford because of the contrast between the two areas. Old Trafford is seen as a diverse and fairly harmonious area as opposed to Salford, which has been identified as white, working class, and racist.

Irish immigrants settled in Old Trafford from the 1880s onwards, followed by Polish and east European migrants during and after the Second World War. The African Caribbean community arrived and settled in the 1950s and 1960s. People from the Indian sub-continent started to arrive during the 1960s, settling in more significant numbers from the 1980s onwards.

Salford was a major factory town and inland port during the 18th and 19th centuries. By the end of the 19th century it had an enlarged working class community and suffered from chronic overpopulation. The industrial decline in the 20th century caused a local economic depression. Salford subsequently became an area of contrasts, with regenerated inner-city next to some of the most socially deprived and violent areas in England.